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Second Series

Our second series of webinars on common topics in forensic and legal medicine are still available to view. These webinars are designed for doctors, nurses and paramedics working in the above fields and will make ideal preparation for the LFFLM, MFFLM or just help meet your CPD requirements in forensic medicine.

A webinar is a live interactive web based seminar, a virtual meeting room, accessed via an internet connected device with audio e.g. iPad, or other tablet device, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. By taking part in an online webinar, you have a ‘front row seat’ at the virtual meeting, save precious time and money and reduce your carbon footprint.

After completing the booking form and payment, you will receive an email with a link to access the recording. CPD certificates will be available for all recorded webinars.

The programme is as follows:

Week Webinars Presenter Confirmed date
1 Acute Behavioural Disturbance Dr Margaret Stark and Prof Keith Rix Monday 22 February
2 Substance misuse and legal highs Dr Margaret Stark Monday 07 March
3 Risk assessment in sexual assault Dr Cath White Monday 21 March
4 Female Genital Mutilation and Child Sexual Exploitation Dr Peter Green Tuesday 21 June
5 Coronial reform – past, present and future Prof Paul Marks Monday 18 April
6 Management of Head Injuries in custody Dr Jason Payne-James and Prof Paul Marks Monday 02 May
7 Capacity assessment in sexual assault examinations Dr Jenny Holmes Tuesday 17 May
8 The Scottish Medical Reviewer System – one year on Dr George Fernie Tuesday 31 May
9 Restraint injuries Dr Jason Payne-James Tuesday 28 June
10 How to prepare for an Inquest Prof Carol Seymour Tuesday 14 June

Booking Information

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First Series

Please note that the webinars from our first series are still available to view on our Vimeo Channel. Please click here for more information.