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A new specific offence of Strangulation and Suffocation was introduced in Section 70 of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 and came into force on 07 June 2022. Strangulation is sadly common in domestic abuse and sexual violence. It can have serious medical consequences with victims of strangulation in domestic abuse being seven times more likely to become a victim of domestic homicide.

In partnership with SafeLives and Bangor University, we are establishing a new Institute for Addressing Strangulation.

The Institute will be focussed on addressing strangulation by:

1. Reducing the incidence of strangulation and suffocation in the UK;

2. Establishing best practise for the management of victims and their families and perpetrators;

3. Raising awareness of the dangers, providing training and resources regarding management & prevention, and supporting associated research;

4. Working with Policy makers and commissioners to maximise the capacity and expertise required to enhance victim safety.

The objectives of the Institute will be to:

1. Increase the awareness, knowledge and understanding of the public and professionals working with victims of strangulation and suffocation and the offenders;

2. Encourage the collection and co-ordination of data on strangulation and suffocation to monitor its occurrence and the effectiveness of interventions;

3. Be a resource repository which would be free and aimed at professionals, the public and journalists;

4. Improve policy and practice among the legal, medical, criminal justice and advocacy communities;

5. Increase offender accountability and ultimately enhance victim safety;

6. Co-ordinate and undertake related research and audits.

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