Educational Supervisors

A list of people who have notified the FFLM that they have received training to be an educational supervisor can be found on our List of Educational Supervisors. You must be logged in to access the document. Please note that the Faculty does not recommend or endorse these individuals for the role of educational supervisor, but will continue to provide the list as a benefit of membership. If you wish to make contact with any of the individuals listed below please do so directly (email contact details are provided) rather than through the FFLM. The Faculty recognises that educational supervisors have a professional obligation to ensure that they are adequately trained for their role, maintain their skills appropriately in line with revalidation requirements and follow GMC standards: for further information.

For members interested in becoming educational supervisors, more information can be found in our document Role of an Educational Supervisor for the LFFLM. To be listed as an Educational Supervisor on our website please complete and return the application form here.

The Royal College of Physicians hold regular Educational supervisor workshops, details can be found here.

Please be aware that Educational Supervisors are taking on additional work, and will be entitled to charge a fee for this work. This should be negotiated between the student and her/his potential Supervisor.