Revision Course for LFFLM (GFM)

We are very pleased to announce that we have developed a new revision course for candidates preparing for the Licentiate in General Forensic Medicine (LFFLM) (GFM)).

This revision course builds on the knowledge candidates will have learned from their Introductory Course in GFM and is designed to cover the LFFLM (GFM) syllabus which is not currently covered by the FFLM’s e-learning tool.

The revision course will be delivered in eight virtual pre-recorded sessions by Prof Sarah Hull and Prof Margaret Stark.

There will also be one live session on Monday 02 October 2023 where you can ask Prof Hull and Prof Stark any questions you may have.

The programme can be viewed below.

Injuries and restraint

Police Powers

Intimate samples and searches

Mental health

Children and Young People (CYP) in custody; safeguarding, Sexual Offences

Consent, capacity, confidentiality

Scenes of death; Drugs; Alcohol; Road Traffic legislation

Court Structure; Inquests and Fatal Accident Inquiries; Statements (FAIs); Witnesses

Live Q&A Session

Monday 02 October

Booking and Payment

The course costs £850, however, the first 10 applicants will be offered a discount of 20% making the course £680!

Please use the link below to book your place:

Payment for LFFLM (GFM) Revision Course