The FFLM has members from all over the world  and from diverse career paths.  Many of them are diligent volunteers, supporting and promoting the goals and activities of the Faculty.

The specialty covers professionals working in four related disciplines:

  • forensic medical practitioners (forensic physicians, forensic pathologists, forensic psychiatrists, forensic odontologists);
  • medico-legal and dento-legal advisers;
  • clinicians working in secure and detained settings;
  • and medically-qualified coroners.




How can I become a member?

Make an Application

The Membership & Fellowship Committee considers applications throughout the year.

Meeting Date Submission deadline
18 June 2024 04 June 2024
06 August 2024 23 July 2024
01 October 2024 17 September 2024
03 December 2024 19 November 2024

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Pass an FFLM Examination

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relevant and accessible training days’

‘keeps  me up to date with conferences, guidelines  and information’

‘guidance on evidence based procedures and protocols’

‘access to training materials’

‘updating advice on policies and procedures’

‘meeting colleagues at the national and local meetings’

‘gold standards of practice’

‘educational excellence’

‘promotes Forensic Medicine’

‘training and postgraduate qualifications’

‘weekly electronic newsletter is excellent’

‘training and peer support in forensic and legal medicine’

‘opportunities for professional development’


‘regularity of communication superb’

‘a competent body to consult on all issues forensic’

‘the FFLM is wonderful, it is well worth being a member, without membership I would be very uncertain about my day to day work’