The Diploma of Legal Medicine

The DLM is a stand-alone online exam. Candidates who obtain a Distinction can apply to become an Associate or Affiliate of our Faculty and, once a member (in either of those membership categories), may use the postnominal AFFLM (DLM). This also applies to all successful Part 1 MFFLM candidates, as they have in effect passed the DLM exam with Distinction (the same paper is used).

For information on the fee please visit this page.

Are you interested in the interface between clinical practice and the law? Then you may find studying for the Diploma of Legal Medicine of benefit for your work.

This qualification may be of interest to a wide range of healthcare professionals:

  • Dentists, doctors, nurses, and paramedics;
  • Legal advisors, file handlers and case reviewers working in the various Regulatory settings (GDC, GMC, NMC, HCPC), or for the medical defence organisations (MDOs), and within NHS England;
  • Individuals who provide professional or expert witness evidence in various disciplines may also find this qualification of benefit for their role.

The DLM has a one-paper format consisting of 150 best-of-five multiple-choice questions to be completed within three hours. Candidates are tested on a wide range of topics in Legal Medicine as set out in the published syllabus (see below).

The FFLM has produced numerous publications to assist candidates and provides a wide range of learning activities to support those studying in this field including E-Learning, webinars as well as face-to-face study days.


Essential reading

Please study the material below to know more about your exam and to prepare for it.

Did you know?

The same paper is used for the DLM and for the Part 1 Membership exam , the MFFLM). DLM candidates who reach the MFFLM Part 1 pass mark are awarded a Distinction and are exempted from sitting the Part 1 Membership exam for four years.

DLM news

The DLM, as well as all other FFLM written exams, is online. That means candidates can sit it anywhere in the world (from home/office).

We are delighted to announce that Scenesafe will provide a prize of £250 to the candidate with the top mark for this (and the Part 1 MFFLM) exam.

DLM Revision Materials