Research Subcommittee

Research Subcommittee Meeting Dates


Thursday 25 March 2021 (videoconference)

Research Subcommittee Members

The current Chair of the Research Subcommittee is Dr Michael Freeman.

Should you like to contact the chair please send an email to

Committee members

Dr Michael Devlin Prof Paul Marks
Dr Michael Freeman (Chair) Dr Sheila Paul
Dr Cathy Lincoln Mr Brian Westbury


Terms of Reference

  • To monitor and advise the Academic Committee generally on the development of research activity.
  • To recruit an appropriate number of suitably qualified individuals within the Faculty and if appropriate outside it, who can be co-opted as members of the Research Subcommittee.
  • To develop a UK research agenda for forensic and legal medicine. The agenda will reflect any nationally agreed research priorities and the need to develop evidence-based forensic and legal medical practice.
  • To identify suitable research topics to implement in the research agenda.
  • To liaise with Medical Schools, Postgraduate Institutions and relevant Royal Colleges in the UK to develop links with them to promote collaborative research. To offer to provide external examiners from the FFLM to assess theses for higher degrees e.g. PhD, MD or MPhil.
  • To promote innovation and good practice in research; to monitor and evaluate research projects and ensure research conforms to the highest standards of probity and ethics.
  • To organise training in research techniques as appropriate by using webinars or other appropriate means.
  • To make available the results of research, and the expertise acquired, through teaching, publication, partnerships with other organisations and for the promotion of civic and public debate.
  • To consider matters concerning the provision and use of resources to support research and seek funding from sources such as industry, central government and charitable donations from instruments such as legacies etc.
  • To hold regular meetings as deemed appropriate and place reports before the Academic Committee which will be taken to the FFLM Board Meetings that occur during the year.

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