Guidance for Reproduction of FFLM Documents

Guidelines, Recommendations, Facts Sheets, Policy Statements and Pro formas

The Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine holds the copyright of the educational documents but would like the documents to be used as widely as possible by professionals and the public for educational purposes.

Rules of use

You may not remove or alter the author’s names, the FFLM copyright notice, disclaimers, or FFLM contact details as they appear in the electronic publication.

If you plan to quote or reproduce any of our documents:

  • you must ensure you are using the most up to date version of any document
  • you must not alter the text so as to change the meaning
  • you must credit the FFLM as author
  • you should provide a link to the FFLM website (
  • written permission should be obtained to use the electronic publication for any commercial use
  • where organisations have a paywall in place FFLM documents must not be kept behind this paywall
  • organisations must not imply that membership of their organisation provides access to FFLM documents which are freely available on our website.

Please note that you do not need our permission to quote from our publications in academic essays or theses.

FFLM, 2020