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The four FFLM’s examinations are: the DLM, the LFFLM (GFM), the LFFLM (SOM) and the MFFLM, our Membership examination.

As of August 2020, the written ones (Part 1 exams, DLM and SAQs) are held online. The Part 2 OSPE/OSCE ones are currently held in London. More information about each of them can be found in the links above. For information on online exams please click here.

Should you have any queries about our exams please email our Examinations Manager, Mr Jay C Barton-Costa, at jay.barton-costa@fflm.ac.uk.

Exams Notice Board

In line with many Royal Colleges and other institutions, we are moving to online written exams. As well as mitigating the risk of candidates having to miss exams due to local lockdowns, we hope this will also make it easier for those candidates who may have difficulties travelling to examination centres. All October 2020 candidates have been informed about this and further information will be sent to them in due course. 

Our short-answer-question (SAQ) exams, which take place in March, may also be online. That exam is normally on the Friday immediately before the Saturday Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). This may need to change so that candidates don’t have to travel after doing their SAQs.
The Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) date, which’s normally on the Thursday before the SAQ, may also need to be changed.

Should you have any queries about this, please email our Exams Manager, Jay C Barton-Costa, at jay.barton-costa@fflm.ac.uk.

The free webinar, on Thursday 11 June, was a complete success and nearly 70 people watched it live. It was entitled Stay Alert – Pass Exam. It’s now available to watch. Some of the questions that were asked during the presentation were put together in this FAQ document.

Prof Sarah Hull, Lead Examiner for the Diploma of Legal Medicine and Part 1 MFFLM exam will be presenting a revision webinar on Thursday 10 September at 19:00, entitled ‘Hints And Tips For The October 2020 Examinations’. A brief overview of the syllabus will be provided along with helpful hints for revision. For members (Affiliates, Associates, Fellows, Licentiates and Members) the webinar costs £20 and for Non-members it is £30. For more information and to book, please click here.

As of April 2020, it is now possible for candidates to sit our Diploma of Legal Medicine (DLM) exam outside of the UK. Please contact our Exams Manager, Jay C Barton-Costa, for information: jay.barton-costa@fflm.ac.uk.

The following documents were published on the Publications page of our website in May 2020:

Role of the Educational Supervisor;

Role of the Clinical Validator.

New Regulations – 2020

Note that our regulations and guidelines have been updated. We ask all our future candidates to read these versions below even if they have read previous versions.

General Regulations – to be read by all candidates;





New Suggested Reading List (for all four exams)

Our new suggested reading list, for all four exams, can be found here.

DLM and Part 1 Exams – October 2020

All exams will take place on Friday 09 October. The next application period will be from Friday 04 June to Friday 02 July 2021.

Should you have any queries about our exams please email our Examinations Manager, Mr Jay C Barton-Costa, at jay.barton-costa@fflm.ac.uk.

Part 2 Exams – March 2021

Please note that the application period for the March 2021 examinations will be from Friday 06 November to Friday 04 December 2020. The exam dates and venues will be published in due course.

Fees and Diary

Please click below for information on examination fees and on how often examinations are held. For specific dates, please visit the page of the examination you are applying for.

Read more about Fees and Diary…

External Diplomas

On this page you will find a list of external diplomas.

Read more about External Diplomas

Other courses and events can be found on the Events Page.

Examiners’ Area

If you are one of our examiners this is our dedicated webpage for you.

The FFLM reserves the right to cancel any event. If an event is cancelled or postponed delegates will be informed in writing and will be issued a full refund. We regret we are unable to refund any charges incurred through booking travel, accommodation or expenses for the cancelled event.
Please note, the FFLM is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration or cancellation/postponement of an event. The FFLM shall assume no liability whatsoever if this event is cancelled, rescheduled or postponed due to a fortuitous event, Act of God, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that renders performance of this conference impracticable, illegal or impossible. For purposes of this clause, a fortuitous event shall include, but not be limited to: war, fire, labour strike, extreme weather, terrorist activity or other emergencies.