The FFLM currently offers four exams

Please click on each, below, for further information. Our candidates are paramedics, doctors, nurses, lawyers, dentists, among other healthcare professionals.

For information on fees, diary and our cancelations policy please click here. Exact exam dates, if available, can be found below.

Written-exam (DLM, Part 1 exams and Part 2 SAQ exams) candidates should read the available information on TestReach’s website.

The results of the October 2021 exams will be available here by mid-November.

Should you have any queries about our exams, after studying the webpages below, please email our Examinations Manager, Mr Jay C Costa, at jay.costa@fflm.ac.uk.

Part 1 and DLM dates

It is no longer possible to apply for the October 2021 exam diet.

The application period for the October 2022 exams will start in early June and it lasts four weeks. The exams will likely take place on Friday 07 October 2022. This will be confirmed in due course.

Part 2 dates

The application period starts on Friday 05 November and ends on Friday 03 December 2021. Late applications will not be accepted.

The OSPE (MLM) exam is on Thursday 10 March 2022. That exam will be online (candidates can sit it at home).

The short-answer-question papers (SAQs), for MLM, SOM and GFM, is on Friday 11 March 2022. That exam will also be online (candidates can sit it at home).

The OSCE (GFM & SOM, for MFFLM & LFFLM candidates) is going to be in March and June again. 10 stations in March and four in June.
The March (online) dates are

- GFM: Saturday 12 March 2022;
- SOM: Sunday 13 March 2022.

The June (face-to-face) date is Saturday 11 June 2022, in Central London.

Exam news

All our written exams (Part 1, DLM and SAQs) as well as our OSPE, are now online (candidates can sit them at home).

We are delighted to announce that Scenesafe will provide a prize of £250 to the candidate with the top mark for the Part 1 MFFLM/DLM exam.

Need help with some acronyms and abbreviations? Visit our helpful page.

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