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The FFLM’s Examinations are: DipFHID, DLM, LFFLM (GFM), LFFLM (SOM), previously called DFCASA, and the MFFLM, our Membership examination. They are all currently held here in London. More information about each of them can be found below.

Exams Notice Board

The October 2018 exam results for DLM, Part 1 MFFLM, LFFLM (GFM) and LFFLM (SOM) candidates are now available here. DipFHID results are available here.

Very many congratulations to the successful candidates and also to those MFFLM ones who obtained DLM! Well done!

The 2018 list of dissertation titles for DipFHID candidates will be published here by the end of November.

The March 2019 application period will start at the end of the first week of January 2019. Candidates will have four weeks to apply for the exams.

All Part 2 exam dates and locations for next year have been confirmed. Please click on the specific exams below for further information.

Kindly note that the application period for the March 2020 examination session may be brought forward by a couple of months. It may be from the beginning of November to the beginning of December 2019 (instead of from the beginning of January to the beginning of February 2020, as it has been in recent years). We will confirm this in due course.

Fees and Diary

Please click below for information on examination fees and on how often examinations are held. For specific dates, please visit the page of the examination you are applying for.

Read more about Fees and Diary…

DipFHID (Diploma in Forensic Human Identification)

Read more about the DipFHID

DLM (Diploma of Legal Medicine)

Read more about the DLM

LFFLM (GFM) (Licentiate of The Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine – General Forensic Medicine)

Read more about the LFFLM (GFM)

Licentiate (SOM) (Licentiate of The Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine – Sexual Offences Medicine) – previously known as DFCASA

Read more about the LFFLM (SOM)

MFFLM (Membership of The Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine)

Read more about the MFFLM

External Diplomas

On this page you will find a list of external diplomas with course and application details.

Read more about External Diplomas

Other courses and events can be found on the Events Page.

Should you have any queries about our exams please email our Examinations Manager, Mr Jay C Barton-Costa, at jay.barton-costa@fflm.ac.uk.

If you are wondering what happens to your data when you apply for our exams, please read our updated Privacy Policy, which can be found here and below, in the footer of our website.