The FFLM currently offers four exams

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Our candidates are paramedics, doctors, nurses, lawyers, dentists, among other healthcare professionals.

For information on fees, diary and our cancelations policy please click here. Exact exam dates, if available, can be found below.

Should you have any queries about our exams please email our Examinations Manager, Mr Jay C Costa, at jay.costa@fflm.ac.uk.

Part 1 and DLM dates

The next exam application period, for the October exams, will be from Friday 04 June to Friday 02 July 2021. The application form and payment links will appear here on this page in the morning of Friday 05 June. The exams will take place on Friday 09 October.

Part 2 dates

The OSPEs (MLM) will take place online on Thursday 11 March 2021.

The majority of the OSCE (GFM & SOM, for MFFLM & LFFLM candidates) stations, ten of them, will be done online on Saturday 13 March 2021. Note that the remaining four stations per exam will be done face-to-face on Saturday 12 June 2021 at St Thomas’ Hospital, in London.

The short-answer-question papers (SAQs), for MLM, SOM and GFM, will take place online on Monday 15 March 2021.

Exam news

As of April 2020 it is now possible for candidates to sit our Diploma of Legal Medicine (DLM) exam, which is online, anywhere in the world. Please contact our Exams Manager, Jay C Costa, for information: jay.costa@fflm.ac.uk.

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