The Licentiateship of the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine in Sexual Offence Medicine

The LFFLM (SOM) is a four-module exam. It consists of:

  • a Part 1 written exam, which is online;
  • a COVE (compendium of validated evidence);
  • a Portfolio;
  • and a Part 2 clinical exam; some of the stations are expected to be online.

Note that in the Part 2 exam candidates have three options: the generic exam (14 stations), one specifically for those who’d like to do the adult-only stations, the LFFLM (SOM) (a), and one specifically for those who’d like to do the child-only stations, the LFFLM (SOM) (c). The (a) and (c) options only have 11 stations.

Further information about each of the modules can be found below, under Regulations, guidelines and syllabus.

All four components must be done in four years, while the Part 1 pass result is still valid, otherwise that module will need to be done again.

Success in it allows the use of the postnominal LFFLM (SOM) and allows the candidate to apply to become a Licentiate of our Faculty.

Essential reading

Please study the material below to know more about your exam and to prepare for it.

Who should do the LFFLM (SOM)?

The LFFLM (SOM) is for nurses and doctors. For more information please read our regulations and guidelines.

LFFLM (SOM) Revision Materials