Academic Committee

Academic Committee Meeting Dates

20 May 2024 (virtual)
09 September 2024 (virtual)

Academic Committee Members

The current Chair of the Academic Committee is Dr Deryn Evans.

Should you like to contact the chair please send an email to

Dr Deryn Evans
Academic Dean

Dr Bernadette Butler

Dr Iain Brew 
Registrar and SDS Clinician Representative 

Dr Anton van Dellen
Assistant Registrar and Conference Subcommittee Chair

Dr Sandy Fielding
Chief Examiner

Dr Marie-Elle Vooijs
Assistant Academic Dean

Dr Amy Hamm

Prof Paul Marks
Immediate Past President

Dr Libby Sevink
Vice-President – Forensic Medicine

Dr Elaine Cook
Vice-President – Legal Medicine

Stacey Shelley
Vice-President – Allied Healthcare Professionals and Mental Health and Intellectual Disability Lead

Prof Margaret Stark
Forensic Science Subcommittee Chair

Dr David Carson
Scottish Representative

Jessica Davidson
Nursing in Justice and Forensic Steering Committee Chair, Royal College of Nursing

Dr Alex Gorton
Less Lethal Weapons Lead

Dr Michael Freeman
Research Subcommittee Chair and David Jenkins Chair 2024/25

Dr Joanne Gifford

Samantha Thompson
College of Paramedics

Prof Carol Seymour
Specialty Advisory Committee Chair

Jennie Smith
UKAFN President

Prof Cath White OBE
Sexual Offence Lead

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference of the Committee are set out in the Standing Orders of the Faculty, as follows:

  • To consider all matters relevant to the examinations of the Faculty.
  • To report the results of the Faculty’s awards following examinations.
  • To consider all matters relating to the award of Diplomas, Licentiateship & Membership of the Faculty.
  • To refer to the Membership and Fellowship Committee applications for Membership falling outside the current Regulations.
  • To consider all matters relating to the formulation and interpretation of the Regulations for Membership.
  • To recommend to the Board the appointment of representative(s) to examination Boards established by other bodies, for examinations which have been approved by the Board as being of value, or interest, to the specialty where those bodies have sought such appointment, or where it is thought to be in the interest of the Faculty.
  • To determine the syllabus for each Faculty examination, appoint examiners and appoint a committee, or committees, to arrange and supervise the Faculty’s examinations.
  • To consider all matters relating to research with which the Faculty may be associated.
  • To prepare an annual budget of projected income and expenditure for consideration by the Treasurer and Senior Officers.
  • To recommend fees for examinations and to recommend payments to examiners for consideration by the Senior Officers.
  • An officer will be appointed by the Committee to be responsible for the budgeting for the costs of the examinations.
  • To develop a U.K. research agenda for forensic and legal medicine. The agenda will reflect any nationally agreed research priorities and the need to develop evidence-based forensic and legal medical practice.
  • To identify suitable research topics to implement the research agenda.
  • To advise the Faculty on strategic direction of forensic and legal medical research.

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