List of Useful Acronyms & Abbreviations

Below is a list of useful acronyms and abbreviations we often use. Please contact us if you would like to suggest more at

AC – Academic Committee;

AD – Academic Dean;

ASET – Advanced Standards for Education and Training in Forensic Practice;

CCT – Certificate of Completion of Training;

CEC – Chief Examiner’s Committee;

CED – Conducted Energy Device;

CESR – Certificate of Eligibility of Specialist Registration;

COG – Curriculum oversight group;

COPEMeD – Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans;

COVE – Compendium of Validated Evidence;

DH – Department of Health;

DLA – Dento-Legal Advisors;

DLM – Dento-Legal Medicine;

DLM – Diploma of Legal Medicine;

DNA – Did not attend (an exam);

ES – Educational Supervisor;

FGM – Female genital mutilation;

FFLM – Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine;

FOI – Freedom of information;

FP  – Forensic Physician;

FSSC – Forensic Science Subcommittee;

GDC – General Dental Council;

GFM – General Forensic Medicine;

GMC – General Medical Council;

HCPC – Health & Care Professions Council;

HWVT – Healthcare Professionals working with Victims of Torture;

IELTS – International English Language Testing System;

IFAS – Institute for Addressing Strangulation;

ILS – Immediate Life Support certificate;

INCADVA – Inter-Collegiate & Agency National DVA;

JRCPTB – Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board;

LFFLM (GFM) – Licentiate of the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine (General Forensic Medicine);

LFFLM (SOM) – Licentiate of the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine (Sexual Offence Medicine);

MCQ – Multiple-choice question;

MFC – Membership and Fellowship Committee;

MFFLM – Membership of the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine;

MLA – Medico-Legal Advisors;

MLM – Medico-Legal Medicine;

NMC – Nursing & Midwifery Council;

OSCE – Objective Structured Clinical Examination;

OSPE – Objective Structured Practical Examination;

PLAB – Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board;

RCGP SEG – Royal College of General Practitioners Secure Environments Group;

RCP – The Royal College of Physicians;

RCPath – The Royal College of Pathologists;

RCPCH – The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health;

SAC – Specialty advisory committee;

SAQ – Short-answer questions;

SARC – Sexual assault referral centre;

SDS –  Secured and Detained Settings;

SOM – Sexual Offence Medicine;

SOVP – Seniors Officers and Vice Presidents;

TASER – Tom A Swift Electric Rifle;

TBC – To be confirmed;

TED – Training and Education Subcommittee;

UKAFN – UK Association of Forensic Nurses & Paramedics;

UKMERG – UK Medical Education Reference Group

W/C – Week commencing;

WD – Withdrawn (from an exam).