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The current Chair of the CEC is the FFLM Chief Examiner Dr Caroline Jones.

Should you like to contact her please send an email to

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference of the Chief Examiner’s Committee
1. The committee shall include the Academic Dean (AD), Chief Examiner (CE), Deputy
Examiners and other examiners co‐opted as required by the AD and CE for their
2. The Chief Examiner will chair the Committee and ensure that the Committee
complies with its terms of reference.
3. Term of Appointment: Members are appointed for an initial term of three years.
4. Members of the Committee may be reappointed for a number of terms.
5. Committee members must be available to attend to the duties of the Committee
(which are numbered below):
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a. agree the entry requirements for the exam;
b. agree the process by which questions are set / collated;
c. oversee the setting of examination questions;
d. set timetable for the MCQ, Written papers and the OSCE/OSPE;
e. set deadlines;
f. ensure consistent terminology / units / glossary for the questions;
g. test the exam prior to it being employed;
h. agree the pass mark;
i. review the pass mark with the results;
j. review the exam to check for validity, reliability and quality of questions;
k. recommend modifications to the exam e.g. format;
l. review Part 1 and Part 2 syllabus;

m. consider appeals procedure;
n. consider discounting / reimbursement issues;
o. employ systems to detect collusion / cheating;
p. give advice to those who have failed Part 2 e.g. mentoring / advise regarding
q. give results to the Academic Committee for forwarding to the FFLM Board prior
to publication / release;
r. advise on fees for the exam;
s. organise examiner training / examiner support;
t. arrange and conduct examinations held by, or on behalf of, the FFLM;
u. maintain a register of examiners appointed by the Board, together with a record
of their service as examiners and a list of all examiners at each FFLM
v. review the eligibility of applicants for FFLM examinations and for Membership;
w. approve preparatory courses for Membership of The Faculty of Forensic and Legal
x. recommend fees for examinations and recommend payments to examiners for
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consideration by the Board;
y. appoint a member of the committee to be responsible for the budgeting for the
costs of the examinations;
z. regularly review and update the examination regulations.

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