Recommendations for Introductory Training Courses in Sexual Offence Medicine (SOM)

View Publication Professor Ian Wall and Dr Margaret M Stark 20/05/2019 The Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine (FFLM) Quality Standards recommend that all Health Care Professionals must undergo an initial accredited training course before commencing unsupervised clinical work.

Guide to establishing urgency of sexual offence examination

View Publication FFLM 17/05/2019 Updated May 2019. These two flowcharts (pre-pubertal and post-pubertal) are for the use of forensic physicians and paediatricians. They are intended to help the decision-making process when deciding if a forensic examination is warranted between the hours of midnight and 7am, or can wait and be done during the day.

Guidelines for the Management of Excited Delirium/Acute Behavioural Disturbance

View Publication FFLM 16/05/2019

Recommendations – Consent from children and young people in police custody in England and Wales

View Publication FFLM 18/03/2019 Updated August 2018

Recommendations – Management of Epilepsy in Police Custody

View Publication FFLM 18/03/2019

Recommendations – Custody Officer Training Outline

View Publication FFLM 27/02/2019 This package is designed for use by doctors asked to have an input into a custody officer training course. It is estimated that the content can be delivered over a two hour session allowing time for discussion.

Fact sheet – What Happens Now?

View Publication FFLM 27/02/2019 An after care leaflet available in sexual offences kits that provides information on emergency contraception, sexual health, advice and support services. Updated February 2019.

The Role of the Healthcare Professional

Recommended Equipment for Obtaining Forensic Samples from Complainants and Suspects

View Publication FFLM 17/01/2019

Recommendations – Labelling Forensic Samples

View Publication FFLM 17/01/2019 This document is copyrighted, but may be downloaded and printed for training and educational purposes. Updated January 2019.
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