Membership & Fellowship Committee

MFC Meeting Dates

Meeting Date Submission deadline
04 August 2022 21 July 2022
06 October 2022 22 September 2022
08 December 2022 24 November 2022


MFC Members

The current Chair of the MFC is the Vice-President, Medical Coroners.

Should you like to contact the Chair please send an email to

Professor Andrew Harris (CHAIR)
Vice-President, Medically Qualified Coroner

Professor Paul Marks

Dr Helena Thornton

Dr Shiraz Qamaruddin
Vice-President, Forensic Medicine

Miss Elaine Cook
Vice-President, Medico Legal

Mr Anton van Dellen
Assistant Registrar & Conference Subcommittee Chair

Dr Alex Gorton
Past Assistant Registrar & Conference Subcommittee Chair

Mr Jason Spivack

Mr Sean Carruthers

Dr Caroline Chapman
Dento-Legal Advisor

Dr Chris Kelly
Secure and Detained Settings



Terms of Reference

The terms of reference of the Committee are set out in the Standing Orders of the Faculty, as follows:

To consider and confirm all applications for Licentiateship and Membership following satisfaction of the Faculty examiners.

To consider applications for Membership by Equivalent Qualification for Coroners, Pathologists, Psychiatrists,  Odontologists

To consider applications made from Dento-Legal Medicine doctors for Foundation Membership or Fellowship

To consider and then recommend to the Board applications for promotion to Fellowship

To consider applications for Affiliation or for Association to the Faculty.

To make proposals to the Board for the award of Honorary Fellowships of the Faculty.

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