Board Meeting Dates

  • 06 July 2022

  • 02 November 2022

Board Members

Prof Paul Marks
President – Chair
Dr Vincent Davidson
Board Member
Dr Helena Thornton
Dr David Cohen
RCP Representative
Dr Amy Hamm
Board Member
Dr Shiraz Qamaruddin
Vice-President, Forensic Medicine
Dr Daniel Haines 
Board Member
Prof Andrew Harris
Vice-President, Medical Coroners
Mr Peter Rees                                                         Lay Member
Miss Elaine Cook
Vice-President, Medico Legal
Dr Michael Robertson                                          Lay Member
Mr Brian Westbury
Academic Dean
Dr Charles Sanderson                                          Board Member
Dr Anton van Dellen
Assistant Registrar and Conference Secretary
Mr Ben Sylvester                                                Board Member
Prof Margaret Stark
Immediate Past-President
Dr Cath White OBE                                                  Co-opt Member
Mrs Cathy Cooke
Co-opt Member
Mrs Sheelagh Cooke
Board Member


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The minutes of the board are available to members here

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