The Membership of the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine

The MFFLM is a three-module exam. It consists of:

  • a Part 1 written exam, which has 150 best-of-five multiple-choice questions and is online;
  • a Part 2 short-answer-question (SAQ) written exam, with eight questions, also online;
  • and a Part 2 clinical (GFM or SOM, 11 or 14 stations) or practical (MLM, with eight stations) exam; most stations are online.

For information on fees please visit this page.

Further information about each of the modules can be found below, under Regulations, guidelines and syllabus.

All three components must be done in four years, while the Part 1 pass result is still valid, otherwise that module will need to be done again. If a first-time candidate fails the SAQ and passes the OSCE/OSPE (and vice-versa), that pass will also be valid as long as the Part 1 successful result is valid.

Success in it allows the candidate to apply to become a Member of our Faculty and to use the postnominal MFFLM.

The Part 1 has a one-paper format consisting of 150 best-of-five multiple-choice questions to be completed within three hours. Candidates are tested on a wide range of topics in Legal Medicine as set out in the published syllabus (see below).

Success in that exam enables candidates to use the postnominal DLM as they will have, in effect, passed our Diploma of Legal Medicine, because the same paper is used. From November 2021, as that, by equivalence, means the candidate passed the DLM with Distinction, successful Part 1 MFFLM candidates can also apply to become an Associate or Affiliate of our Faculty. Should that application be accepted, they can then use the postnominal AFFLM (DLM), rather than just DLM.

The Part 2 can be sat in the following specialties: General Forensic Medicine (GFM), Sexual Offence Medicine (SOM), GFM & SOM, and Medico-Legal Medicine (MLM).

Essential reading

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MFFLM news

We are delighted to announce that Scenesafe will provide a prize of £250 to the candidate with the top mark for this (and the DLM) exam.

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