FFLM’s Equality & Diversity Message

In view of recent events, the FFLM Board reviewed the FFLM’s Equality and Diversity policy.

This policy remains as follows:

The FFLM is an inclusive organisation. It treats people with dignity and respect. It is a place where inequality is challenged.

The FFLM aims to anticipate and respond positively to different needs and circumstances with the objective of empowering everyone to achieve their potential.

The FFLM will not only comply but also ensure compliance with the requirements of relevant legislation, such as the:

.         Equality Act 2010;

.         Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000;

.         Disability Discrimination Act 1995;

.         Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Act 2001;

.         Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006; and

.         Data Protection Acts 2018.

The FFLM expects commitment and involvement from its managers, volunteers and members so that this ethos is promoted and maintained.

The FFLM Board also noted the eight principles to address the diversity deficit in charity leadership as published by The Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO) and supports the statement (09 June 2020) made by our parent College.