Fellowship Benefits

Fellows have:

Access to Members’ only content e.g. documents, committee information, Members list

Access to the Royal College of Physicians Library and Information Centre

Access to the Royal College of Physicians Accommodation

Access to FFLM member rate for courses and conferences

Access to FFLM weekly bulletin

Online access to the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine

Access to connect to the FFLM’s GMC-appointed Suitable Person

Access to our list of Appraisers

Post-nominals FFFLM

Diploma of Membership

Voting rights

Description of Benefits

Eligibility & Application

To be considered for Fellowship of the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians individuals should:

  • have been a member (or been eligible for Foundation Membership) for at least 5 years.  In exceptional circumstances applications prior to 5 years may be considered
  • be in good standing with the Faculty
  • promote and comply with the values and aims of the Faculty
  • provide details of two Members or Fellows who have agreed to provide references supporting the application. Where this is not possible we are happy to accept references from two non FFLM Members or Fellows.
  • demonstrate how activity in their own professional field has furthered the objectives of the Faculty

Detailed guidance notes have been prepared to assist applicants, nominees and referees in completion of their applications and to assist them in presenting their application.

If you meet the requirements, you can  complete the application form (below) and ask your referee’s to complete the referee forms (below) and return any supporting documents by email for consideration at the next Membership & Fellowship Committee (MFC).  The submission closing dates are available for each meeting held during the year.

If the MFC approve your application, you then need to complete and sign a Form of Faith, make your subscription  and application fee payment, and then your membership will be shared with the Board for ratification to complete the process.

If you are a qualified healthcare professional, the FFLM needs to verify that you are registered with a professional regulatory body and that you are in good standing. Please provide the web address of your regulatory body to enable the FFLM to verify your status on-line. If you know it is not possible to verify your status on-line with your particular regulatory body, then please provide the full name and postal address of the body. The Board may exercise its discretion on a case by case basis and allow you, if you do allied work, or if you are in training, to join as an Affiliate member even if you are not registered with a regulatory body.

Please note: If you are a healthcare professional and the FFLM cannot verify that you are in good standing with a professional regulatory body, then your application for membership will not be successful.


Application fee – £300

UK Annual Membership – £549

Overseas Annual Membership – £274.50

Fellowship Application Form

Fellowship Referee Declaration Form

2Nominee Details
3Referee Details
4Referee Declaration
  • Fellowship of the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine is open to those who have held Membership of the faculty for at least 5 years or in the case of Foundation Members those who have been eligible for Membership for at least 5 years. In exceptional cases awarding of Fellowship may be considered prior to this, however it is for the Membership and Fellowship Committee & the Board to determine if they feel the application meets this criteria.

    Information submitted via this form will be used to carry out any reasonable activity related to the administration of the FFLM Fellowship process and is held subject to relevant data protection legislation.