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Licentiate in Forensic & Legal Medicine (LFFLM (SOM) [c]) Route For Experienced Paediatricians Via Prescribed/Equivalent Experience

The following sets out the route to LFFLM (SOM) (c) for senior paediatricians, experienced in conducting forensic child sexual abuse (CSA) examinations. (c) stands for Child.

This route to the LFFLM is via recognition of prescribed/equivalent experience by accreditation of prior learning and experience in combination with some elements of the current LFFLM (SOM) (c) examination.

Entry requirements:

A candidate must hold the MRCPCH;

Candidates must have at least two years of active participation in CSA examinations in the three years prior to application. The paediatrician must be conducting an adequate number of examinations in order to maintain competency of experience in forensic, holistic, and safeguarding care of children of all ages and all genders;

Candidates’ application must include an extended CV detailing this experience of CSA examinations (time period, number of examinations, number of statements written, court attendances, role in teaching and mentoring, publications, ) as well as a description of their local service and the procedures for CSA examinations and Safeguarding;

Attendance and successful completion (with a pass at the final assessment) at the 2 day forensic training course run by RCPCH with observation of practical elements.

FFLM specific requirements include:

Submission of a Compendium of Validated Evidence (COVE). This can be completed partly by case-based discussions (CBD) with an Educational Supervisor (face to face and/or virtually) with inclusion of observed practical techniques from the RCPCH 2 day forensic training course assessment. There is the option of further observed cases if required.

Portfolio of 5 core topics (see below) illustrated by a mixture of anonymised statements for Court or child protection reports with at least 500 words of reflection.

The core topics are:

Capacity, consent, confidentiality;

Safeguarding: children and/or vulnerable adult;

Reflection on aftercare;

Documentation of injuries;

Mental health issues.

Note that the elements of LFFLM (c) in relation to Part 1 of 150 SBA questions and Part 2 OSCE (x11) of child and adolescent scenarios will be substituted by prior equivalent experience by the submission of evidence as outlined above (in entry requirements 1-4).

The cost is £450.