What is it like to sit our exams?

You might be thinking about taking one of our examinations, and wondering how to manage the study time and preparation and whether to attempt this now or later.

Recent candidates have set out their experience in detail to help de-mystify the process.  Read their accounts below.

” this is been the most enjoyable piece of study I have undertaken”

“the reading list found on the FFLM webpage  was my ‘go to’ document”

“the qualification content has made me feel like a knowledgeable practitioner, who feels more competent in delivering a higher standard of care”

“the syllabus on the FFLM site fully explains the procedures for candidates, and this helped me to set my three year plan”

“being prepared would be my biggest tip to anyone thinking of undertaking the LFFLM”

“being supported by my employer, during the 3 years I have spent studying, has made a huge difference”

” after each case I saw in practice, I looked at it as if it were within an OSCE scenario or an examination question”

“I attended the FFLM’s SOM revision day which was especially useful”

” All the hard work definitely paid off, and it felt great to pass first time”

What other resources does FFLM have to help me prepare?

Try some sample exam questions to get you started

Sample Questions