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What do you do if there is a suspicion of sexual assault?

A distressed patient presents to you in your surgery. You are called to a Care Home. There is suspicion of a sexual assault – what do you do? And what should you NOT do?

Join the FFLM for a conversation about what you, as the Healthcare Professional, should do next.

Do you know where your local Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) is? How do you contact them? What services do they provide? Do the police have to be involved?

Chaired by Professor Margaret Stark, the contributors include two experienced forensic physicians in sexual offence medicine: Dr Sandy Fielding (one of FFLM’s Chief Examiners) and Dr Helena Thornton (FFLM Registrar), who will be joined by Dr Elisabeth Alton, named Doctor for Safeguarding Adults North Lincolnshire Health and Care Partnership and East Riding Health and Care Partnership.

Broadcast 01 December 2022

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