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FFLM Expert Witness Group

A message from our Expert Witness Lead, Professor Keith Rix, Hon FFFLM.

In my capacity as the FFLM’s Expert Witness Lead, I have identified a group of about twenty members who provide expert evidence to the courts. The group has never met as such but there are plans to do so at next year’s Annual Meeting (May 2023).

I send the group a bulletin every three months along with summaries of recent relevant judgments. Some of these are judgments that are relevant to expert witnesses in general. Some are judgments in cases where the courts have been assisted with expert evidence from forensic clinicians and pathologists. In the bulletin, I cover a variety of matters, such as changes to the Criminal Procedure Rules, expert witness training events and publications, and I set out my anonymised responses to questions and queries I have received in the previous three months.

One of the roles of the Expert Witness Lead is to ensure that experts get support. I can provide some of that support. More important support may come from other members of the group so members’ email addresses are made available in order that one member can contact another directly and, if necessary, in confidence.

If you would like to become a member of the group please contact forensic.medicine@fflm.ac.uk.