Claiming Expenses

Our auditors have strongly advised us that no claim should be paid unless this form is accompanied by receipts. If you are unable to retain a copy of your ticket, please take a photograph of it as proof of purchase.

Claims must be submitted within six months of the meeting/event taking place. Claims submitted after this date will not be processed. Please read the guidance below, before submitting your claim.

If you have any questions about the claim form or the guidance, please email


Travel bookings for any FFLM appointed committee member who is travelling on FFLM business should be claimed through the form below. The FFLM staff are happy to book any travel with more than one months notice. This can be done by completing the travel booking form.

Air (please provide tickets/receipts)

Air travel within UK ‐ Standard Economy fare

Air travel outside UK ‐ Standard Economy for all journeys except on a long-haul trip (e.g., to the Far East) if the individual must deliver a lecture or work immediately (without rest) following arrival, when business class may be booked.  Approval must be sought from the Treasurer before business class travel is purchased.

Air Travel for FFLM Examiners ‐ Overseas examiners travelling to the UK on exam business will only be reimbursed for travel costs incurred from entry into the UK. Any travel outside of the UK should be at the examiner’s own expense.

Rail/Tube (please provide tickets/receipts)

Standard class should be booked for all journeys (cheapest suitable fare). Wherever possible advance tickets should be used. Tickets may only be purchased on the day of travel for off peak or super off-peak travel. Please note if you wish to purchase a first-class ticket you will only be reimbursed for the standard fare. Please provide proof of the equivalent standard class fare at the time of booking. It is possible to log in to Transport for London (TFL) to obtain a statement of tube fares. Please note we do not reimburse rail cards.


Taxis from the airport to the hotel and return and local journeys will only be accepted if no other suitable transport is available.

Car Mileage

The FFLM will pay car mileage at a rate of 45p per mile. However, where a car is used for convenience on long journeys instead of public transport, the FFLM will pay only the cost of public transport for the same journey.


FFLM Non-Trustee Examiners are entitled to claim a £400 honorarium for full day event. (i.e., OSCE, Training Day) For attending a half

day event the honorarium is £200. If you are unsure about the claim you can submit, please check with the examinations manager.

Those wishing to claim an honorarium must submit an invoice to the FFLM office. Honorarium payments cannot be claimed via the expenses form. All invoices should include your name, address, email address, work carried out, date work was carried out and bank account details. These can be submitted via this form.

Hotel and overnight accommodation (please provide receipts)

  • Fellows are entitled to book RCP accommodation at 9/10 St Andrews Place and should contact FFLM to make a booking.
  • The FFLM would not expect to pay more than £130 per night for hotel accommodation outside of London and £150 in London.
  • Where the FFLM is meeting the costs of hotel accommodation abroad, it would expect these to be limited to the cost of an equivalent UK 4‐star hotel. In some cities, 3‐star accommodation may be perfectly acceptable.


The FFLM will meet up to the cost of an English/Continental breakfast in a hotel and an evening meal (where not included in a conference package) excluding alcohol up to a maximum of £30. Please include an itemised receipt.


The FFLM will not normally reimburse other expenses unless previously agreed by the FFLM, e.g., drinks, kennel fees, child minding fees, and locum fees.


Members of the FFLM Board of Trustees may claim for their out-of-pocket expenses only, such as travel, and subsistence expenses actually incurred. Trustees may not claim for an honorarium unless it is part of their own training.

Please note that the FFLM is a charity and has limited funds, therefore please be considerate with regard to your expenses claims so that we can dedicate our funds to our key aims of raising standards in forensic and legal medicine and protecting vulnerable people.