Institute for Addressing Strangulation Clinical Webinar Series on Strangulation

The Institute For Addressing Strangulation (IFAS) has launched a series of webinars which will be delivered by expert speakers including Prof Cath White specifically targeted at clinicians.

The webinars will provide detailed insight into identifying and supporting patients who have experienced strangulation.

There is a strong link between non-fatal strangulation and domestic homicide and these clinical webinars will help lay out in detail:

  • The anatomy of the neck and the impact of strangulation
  • Signs and symptoms of strangulation
  • Clinical management
  • The impact on the brain
  • Risk assessment and support for survivors
  • Recording and presenting expert evidence.


The webinars will also include survivor testimonies of their experience of reporting and response from agencies, providing clinicians with a first-hand insight into the lived experience of those strangled and the prevalence and impact of this insidious crime.

The webinars will all start at 19:00 and consist of 45 minutes of presentation followed by 15 minutes for questions and discussion.

The programme can be viewed below:

Introduction to Strangulation and Suffocation 25 September 2023
Clinical Presentation 09 October 2023
Risk Assessment and Support Available to Survivors 24 October 2023
Impact of Strangulation on the Brain 07 November 2023
Expert Evidence 05 December 2023


To view the agenda for each webinar, click here.

We would highly recommend registering for all five webinars so clinicians can build their understanding of strangulation but there is also the option of booking for webinars individually.

£100 when registered for all five webinars
£30 per webinar when booked individually

You can book your place by selecting the webinars you’d like to attend on the right-hand side of the page.

If you have any questions please contact the IFAS team.

Price: £30.00£100.00

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