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Monthly Q&A with FFLM Senior Officers and Vice-Presidents

As of next month, we will be launching our new monthly Q&A sessions with our Senior Officers and Vice-Presidents (SO/VPs).

Each month two SO/VPs will host a lunchtime session to answer any questions you may have. The dates are as follows:

Wednesday 10 March 2021  

  • Dr Margaret Stark, President
  • Dr Helena Thornton, Registrar

Wednesday 14 April 2021    

  • Dr Michael Devlin, Vice-President for Legal Medicine
  • Dr Alex Gorton, Assistant Registrar

Wednesday 12 May 2021 

  • Mr Brian Westbury, Academic Dean


These sessions will be from 13:00 – 14:00 and are free for FFLM Members (Affiliates, Associates, Licentiates, Members and Fellows) to attend.

Please note these sessions will not be recorded (Chatham House rule will apply to all participants).

Please email forensic.medicine@fflm.ac.uk if you would like to register for one or all of these sessions.

If you would like to send in any questions prior to the events please do so to forensic.medicine@fflm.ac.uk.