CPD Subcommittee

Future of the CPD Subcommittee


In its meeting on 06 November 2019 the Faculty Board accepted a recommendation of its Senior Officers and Vice Presidents that the Revalidation Committee and its CPD Subcommittee be abolished as they were no longer necessary.  Assuming the proposed changes to the Standing Orders that are required to dissolve the Revalidation Committee and CPD Sub-Committee are agreed at the FFLM AGM in May 2020 they will both formally cease to exist thereafter.

CPD Subcommittee Chair

The current Chair of the CPD Subcommittee is Dr Michael Devlin, Vice President – Medicolegal-Advisors

Should you like to contact the chair please send an email to forensic.medicine@fflm.ac.uk.


Although the CPD Subcommittee no longer meets, a committed team, overseen by Dr Mike Devlin, continue the work  of accrediting and evaluating courses submitted for CPD approval.


Visit the CPD Accreditation page here.

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