Recommendations – TASER®: Clinical Effects and Management of Those Subjected to TASER® Discharge

  • 19/12/2018
  • Categories: Recommendations, Forensic Practitioner

TASER® conducted energy devices are battery-operated, pistol-like devices and are one of several so-called less-lethal options available to the police that assist them in managing violent and aggressive people and those with other forms of acute behavioural disturbance. The TASER® X26™ was introduced into UK policing in 2005 while the TASER® X2™ was introduced in September 2017.

This FFLM guidance is designed to highlight the known medical effects of the TASER® and to guide forensic physicians in their assessment of patients who have been exposed to discharge. Information for people who have been subjected to TASER® discharge is also provided. Download TASER® Discharge Recommendations.

Listen to BBC Radio 4’s “The Report” on TASER®.

The Health Effects of Conducted Energy Weapons – Council of Canadian Academies