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Important Announcement – FFLM Examinations 

In March and June 2024, the Faculty will be holding the Part 2 examinations for the Membership and Licentiate candidates in sexual offence medicine, (SOM) and general forensic medicine, (GFM).  

The Faculty is not able to offer a Part 2 examination for Medicolegal Medicine (MLM) candidates. In addition, a revision of the format of this examination is underway. The Faculty plans to offer the Part 2 MLM examination in 2025 and apologises to those who were planning to sit the examination in March 2024. Candidates for whom the validity of their Part 1 pass would ‘expire’ in 2024 will be offered a one-year extension, in order that they will remain eligible to apply to sit the Part 2 examination in March 2025. 

The Faculty is changing the format of the Licentiate (LFFLM) examinations in SOM and GFM. Candidates will no longer submit a Compendium of Validated Evidence, (COVE), or a case portfolio; instead, they will sit a short answer question (SAQ) paper in the Part 2 examination. The Part 1 LFFLM will remain as a single best answer (SBA) paper.  The Part 2 LFFLM will still have the OSCEs, along with the SAQ. 

As a result of these changes, the Examination regulations are being revised and will be published in good time for the commencement of the 2024/25 examination diet.