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Barts Hospital Pathology Museum – Offers of assistance welcomed

John and Margaret Cooper (both Honorary Fellows of the FFLM) have been approached for guidance over the Pathology Museum at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London. The specimen collection has been neglected for some years but has great potential for teaching and research. It is of some particular interest to the FFLM because it includes a unique medicolegal section comprising organs and tissues from certain earlier landmark criminal cases. Other material covers a range of human and animal diseases. Next year Barts will be celebrating its 900th anniversary so this may be a propitious time to help put its museum back on the map!

John Cooper regularly visits the Barts Museum, usually on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, sometimes with students, and wonders if any FFLM members would like to accompany him on one of his trips and see the collection for themselves. Their comments and input would be very helpful.

Interested colleagues should contact Professor and Mrs Cooper on ngagi2@gmail.com.