Royal Society of Medicine – Female Genital Mutilation: A multidisciplinary approach to the presentation, investigation and prosecution

This webinar aims to examine the essential aspects of an acute presentation of female genital mutilation (FGM) in a child and the criminal investigation, whilst ensuring the welfare of the child remains paramount. 

In this session, key speakers will cover the clinical aspects of the child’s presentation, assessment and clinical care, safeguarding the child, along with aspects of the police investigation and evidence gathering. It will also cover the case building, charging decision and prosecution. 

During this session, you will:

  • Understand the acute presentation and care of a child following FGM 
  • Appreciate the multi-disciplinary approach to and complexity of investigation, case-building and prosecution 
  • Hear about the importance of the de-brief and learning from such a case 
  • Describe the importance of safeguarding the child


This annual event is a joint meeting run in conjunction with the British Academy of Forensic Sciences (BAFS).

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22nd Jan 2022, 09:15 to 16:30

Booking closes:
21st Jan 2022, 16:00



United Kingdom

Type: External