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E-Learning Courses

The FFLM, in conjunction with the University of Ulster, has reviewed and updated the e-Learning courses; these will support colleagues working in forensic medicine and other specialties; they may also be of interest to others, including for example, coroners, lawyers, dentists . The e-learning courses will also assist candidates in their preparation for the following examinations:

  • The Diploma of Legal Medicine (DLM)
  • Part 1 Membership of the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine (MFFLM)
  • Licentiate of the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine (LFFLM – SOM), (previously known as “Diploma in the Forensic and Clinical Aspects of Sexual Assault” (DFCASA))
  • Part 2 Membership of the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine (MFFLM) in Sexual Offence Medicine.

The overall aim of these e-learning tools is to provide an academically challenging and vocationally relevant education for those doctors, health care professionals and other individuals who wish to study Forensic and Legal Medicine at a higher level and obtain a relevant qualification in the subject.

The courses are modular ones, as set out below, and cover the whole of the DLM and part 1 MFFLM syllabuses and the whole LFFLM and part 2 MFFLM (SOM) syllabuses. However, further reading and study is essential to pass any of these examinations.

FFLM Exam Guidance
Structure of healthcare delivery in the UK
Regulation of HCPs
Sources of Law and Legal Systems
Criminal Law – an introduction
Criminal Law – Sexual Offences in the UK
Criminal Law – Police Powers
Criminal Law – Murder and Manslaughter
Civil Law
Philosophical Medical Ethics and Medical Ethics in Practice
Children and Young People
Death and Dying
Mental Health Law
Report Writing and Giving Evidence
Principles of examination: initial contact and exam
Principles of examination: Documentation and disclosure
Principles of examination: Aftercare and Safeguarding
Forensic Sampling
Genital Anatomy and injury interpretation (children)
Genital Anatomy and injury interpretation (adults)
Contraception and Sexually Transmitted Infections

The newly updated e-learning modules were launched on 07 May 2019.

The course fee is £850.00 for 12 months access, and new applications can be processed via this link:

Book and pay for e-learning online.

Sample Modules