1. Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine Welcomes Proposal to Move Police Custody Healthcare to the NHS

    31 October 2017

    The Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine (FFLM) of the Royal College of Physicians of London has welcomed a recommendation in a report that police custody healthcare should move to the NHS. In July 2015 the then Home Secretary, the Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP announced a major review into deaths and serious incidents in... Read more

  2. FFLM Welcomes Government Announcement on the Medical Examiner System for England and Wales

    26 October 2017

    The Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine (FFLM) of the Royal College of Physicians has welcomed the statement by Lord O’Shaughnessy (Parliamentary UnderSecretary of State, Department of Health) on 18 October, in answer to a Parliamentary question, that the long-delayed Medical Examiner system will be introduced no later than April 2019. This is long awaited,... Read more

  3. Recently Updated Publications

    19 October 2017

    The following documents have now been revised and republished on our website: – Forensic Records – Frequently Asked Questions for all Healthcare Professionals; – Recommendations for Healthcare Professionals asked to perform Intimate Body Searches; – Intimate Searches in Police Custody Flow Chart; – Taking Blood Specimens from Incapacitated Drivers.   Also the following new document has... Read more

  4. Level 3 Child Safeguarding Day- 21 October 2017

    04 October 2017

    The FFLM will be holding its annual Level 3 Child Safeguarding Day on Saturday 21 October 2017 at the Queens Hotel in Leeds. The day will cover topics such as: – Update on Child Safeguarding legislation: the Children and Social Work Act 2017; – The Youth Justice system and points of connection between custody and youth services; –... Read more

  5. 2018 Part 1 and Diploma Exams

    27 September 2017

    In 2018 our Part 1 and Diploma exams will take place on Friday 12 October, at the Royal College of Physicians. The application period will start around eight weeks before that... Read more

  6. Encyclopedia of Forensic and Legal Medicine (Second Edition)

    15 September 2017

    This is a little gift for our website visitors and our Twitter and Facebook followers. We have liaised with Elsevier and the following articles from the Encyclopedia of Forensic and Legal Medicine (Second Edition) have been made available, free of charge: • Mental Health: Suicide in the Criminal Justice System – Prevalence, Risk Factors, Prediction, and... Read more

  7. Press Release: Doctors Demand Health Risks to Detainees Be Addressed

    07 September 2017

    Please click here to read the latest press... Read more

  8. Monitoring Detention, Custody, Torture and Ill-treatment: A Practical Approach to Prevention and Documentation

    05 September 2017

    Monitoring Detention, Custody, Torture and Ill-treatment: A Practical Approach to Prevention and Documentation, by Jason Payne-James, Jonathan Beynon and Duarte Vieira. This is a very topical reading suggestion, co-written by our Immediate Past President Dr Jason Payne-James, and the work covers civilian and military situations, includes signs and what to look for in suspected cases... Read more

  9. Deaths in Police Custody ‘Could Have Been Avoided’ (By Dr Faye Kirkland, BBC News)

    05 September 2017

    Poor healthcare in police custody has harmed patients and resulted in preventable deaths, experts claim. FFLM Registrar, Dr Michael Wilks, has described the situation as a “scandal” as BBC News reports deaths in police custody could be prevented. He also stated that “Police and Crime Commissioners [are] not in a suitable position to commission healthcare.” Immediate Past... Read more

  10. Lead Facilitator for the Introductory Course

    22 August 2017

    The FFLM is delighted to announce its recommendation to the Board, the appointment of Dr Margaret Stark as the Lead Facilitator for the Introductory Course. Margaret’s exceptional knowledge and experience in education and training will be of great benefit to the FFLM and to new colleagues coming to work in this specialist... Read more