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Healthcare Professionals who work with Victims of Torture (HWVT) Committee

Terms of reference

  • To recommend revisions to the Quality Standards in the light of comments and advice received, developments in good practice, national and international legislation or other treaties and arrangements;
  • To advise on the relevant updates to other FFLM publications;
  • To develop a strategy of international FFLM membership recruitment, network building and awareness raising;
  • To pursue endorsement from both national and international institutions;
  • To engage with regulators and inspectorates to encourage the inclusion of the QS in their frameworks;
  • To support the development of a FFLM curriculum, training and qualification in the care of victims of torture by healthcare professionals;
  • To present possible legislative and regulatory changes that relate to the healthcare needs of victims of torture held in detention to the Board so the Board can consider promoting them.

The committee will meet six monthly, but with the discretion to meet more frequently on an ad hoc basis should events demand this.


FFLM representative (Co-Chair), Dr Peter Green

Freedom from Torture Lead Doctor (Co-Chair), Dr Juliet Cohen

FFLM Assistant Registrar, Dr Alex Gorton

Representatives to be invited from the following stakeholder groups:

  • United Kingdom Association of Forensic Nurses and Paramedics;
  • College of Paramedics;
  • Helen Bamber Foundation;
  • Medical Justice;
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The Quality Standards for Healthcare Professionals who work with Victims of Torture in detention were formally published by the FFLM on 02 July 2019, and are available here.