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About FFLM

The Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians of London is one of the faculties of the RCP. The inaugural meeting took place on 13 April 2006.

The FFLM was founded to achieve the following objectives:

  • To promote for the public benefit the advancement of education and knowledge in the field of forensic and legal medicine.
  • To develop and maintain for the public benefit the good practice of forensic and legal medicine by ensuring the highest professional standards of competence and ethical integrity.

The FFLM will exercise its powers:

  • To establish a training pathway in forensic and legal medicine and achieve specialist recognition of the specialty.
  • To act as an authoritative body for the purpose of consultation in matters of educational or public interest concerning forensic and legal medicine.

The Registrar will ensure the website is updated with information of relevance to its members so that they are aware of issues that affect them.

As we are registered as a charity, one of our main functions is a public educational one, our policy is to have as much material as freely available as is feasible but there is also necessarily a secure area for a confidential exchange of sensitive information.

The FFLM will promote Legal and Forensic Medicine through its Journal, by the website, through an Annual General Meeting (where an integral component will be the David Jenkins Lecture) and via a flagship conference.

Those who believe they may be eligible for membership may apply using the online application form. Visit the Join Us page for further details.

The FFLM welcomes enquiries from potential members and the Registrar will be happy to discuss any aspects that may be unclear.