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3rd Annual SARC Best Practice Day

5th September 2015

Date submitted : 2015-06-01

The FFLM is pleased to announce that it will be holding its 3rd Annual SARC Best Practice Day on Sat 5th September 2015 at the Royal College of Physicians, Regents Park, London. The programme will be delivered by a range of expert speakers and will cover topics to ensure SARC best practice.


Further details to follow.

Press release: Independent review of police custody deaths in England and Wales

24th July 2015

Date submitted : 2015-07-24 | Filed under : Medico-Legal Advisers

The Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine (FFLM) welcomes the announcement of an Independent Review of Police Custody Deaths in England and Wales announced by the Home Secretary, Theresa May. The FFLM is the Home Office approved institution that sets the standards of healthcare professionals involved in the care of the many vulnerable individuals detained in police custody. In particular, the FFLM believes that it is essential that the review must closely examine the current variable nature of healthcare professionals working in this field and the need for appropriate qualifications and training for such healthcare professionals which have been defined by the FFLM, in partnership with the United Kingdom Association of Forensic Nurses and the College of Paramedics.

The review is very timely and should examine these matters in the light of the imminent transfer of responsibility of custodial care from the Home Office to the National Health Service. The FFLM is concerned that an already degraded healthcare system may worsen, rather than improve unless a realistic assessment of the needs of this vulnerable patient group are properly addressed and funded.

The FFLM considers that the proposed review is an ideal opportunity to raise the support for a system of healthcare in police custody which will reduce the risks of serious untoward events and avoidable deaths.

The FFLM welcomes the opportunity to assist the review. Ends.

Webinars for Forensic Practitioners

23rd July 2015

Date submitted : 2015-07-23 | Filed under : Forensic Practitioners

The FFLM is pleased to announce the start of a series of webinars on common topics in General Forensic Medicine. A series of 10 webinars will be given by leading experts in the field and commence on a weekly basis beginning on Thursday 6 August. These webinars are designed for doctors, nurses and paramedics working in the police custody environment and will make ideal preparation for the LFFLM, MFFLM or just help meet your CPD requirements in forensic medicine.

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Application to be an Examiner of The Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine (FFLM)

1st July 2015

Date submitted : 2012-05-29 | Filed under : Forensic Practitioners

The Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine (FFLM) is seeking to appoint additional examiners.

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Royal Society of Medicine – Clinical Forensic & Legal Medicine Meeting

19th and 20th June 2015

Date submitted : 2015-05-29

Dr Eddie Josse is retiring after 50 years as a Forensic Medical Examiner with the Metropolitan Police Service.

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Annual Conference Photographs Released

15th June 2015

Date submitted : 2015-06-15

The FFLM Annual Conference was held in Bournemouth on May 1-2, 2015. Images of speakers and delegates can be seen here. All images are provided by kind permission of Eric Jenkins of the British Institute of Professional Photography (

FFLM Guidelines: Acute behavioural disturbance: guidelines on management in police custody

29th May 2015

Date submitted : 2015-05-29

The FFLM is currently reviewing the above guidance and would value the assistance of a psychiatrist who has expertise and experience of managing rapid tranquillisation in adults to help in this review.

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Annual Conference - Bournemouth - 2015

29th May 2015

Date submitted : 2015-05-29

The Annual Conference saw the inauguration of Dr Jason Payne-James as Faculty President (shown below receiving the President’s badge of office from outgoing President, Dr Victoria Evans). Also taking office were Dr Michael Wilks (Registrar) and Dr Daniel Haines (Treasurer), taking over from respectively Dr Peter Schutte and Dr Mike Devlin.

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Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health – 2nd Edition – Physical Signs of Child Sexual Abuse (

20th May 2015

Date submitted : 2015-05-29

Dr Sheila Paul, Dr Linda Teebay and Professor Ian Wall were among FFLM contributors to the new edition of ‘The Purple Book’ who attended the launch on 20th May 2015 at the RCPCH.

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The FFLM draws members' attention to the series of webinars supporting the launch of the 2nd Edition of 'Physical Signs of Child Sexual Abuse'

13th May 2015

Date submitted : 2015-05-13

The FFLM draws members' attention to the series of webinars to support the imminent launch of the 2nd Edition of 'Physical Signs of Child Sexual Abuse'.

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Forensics: The Anatomy Of Crime - The Wellcome Collection, London - until 21st June 2015

13th May 2015

Date submitted : 2015-05-13

The exhibition - 'Forensics: the anatomy of crime’ - at the Wellcome Collection explores the history, science and art of forensic medicine.

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The 4th International Workshop in Clinical Forensic Medicine - Montpellier

May 11th and 12th 2015

Date submitted : 2015-05-29

FFLM members are involved in a wide variety of workstreams. Professor Margaret Stark, recently appointed Chair of the FFLM Forensic Science Sub-Committee attended this workshop.

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