FFLM Forensic Science Subcommittee Newsletter – January 2019

View Publication FFLM 16/01/2019

Recommendations – Managing blood-borne virus exposures in custody

View Publication - REV: 2 FFLM 28/12/2018

Management of Do Not Resuscitate/Do Not Attempt Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (DNR/DNAR/DNACPR) decisions in police custody

View Publication FFLM 21/12/2018

Recommendations – Consent from patients who may have been seriously assaulted

View Publication FFLM 19/12/2018

Recommendations – TASER®: Clinical Effects and Management of Those Subjected to TASER® Discharge

View Publication FFLM 19/12/2018 Interim review December 2018

Provision of advice and help to those who have been raped or sexually assaulted abroad

View Publication FFLM 13/12/2018 Updated November 2018

Proforma – Sample Consent form for Healthcare Professionals

View Publication FFLM 12/12/2018 Updated December 2018

Information for complainants undergoing a forensic medical examination

View Publication FFLM 29/11/2018

Proforma – Examination of adult complainant of domestic violence

View Publication FFLM 10/10/2018 Updated September 2018

Management of Choking in Police Care and Custody – Recommendations for Police Personnel

View Publication FFLM 09/10/2018 Updated August 2018
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