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Memorial Funds

This guidance has been prepared on behalf of the Administrators of the W G Johnston Memorial Fund and the David Jenkins Memorial Fund to provide assistance and specific guidance to FFLM Fellows, Members and Affiliates who might wish to seek financial support from the funds; in particular from the W G Johnston Fund.

W G Johnston Memorial Trust Fund


In 1963 the first President of The Association of Police Surgeons of Great Britain, Dr William George Johnston died.

Following his death it was decided by the Council of the Association to perpetuate his memory by creating a Trust Fund to be called the W. G. Johnston Memorial Trust Fund.

The Trust Fund was inaugurated with a trust deed dated 4th September 1963 by Dr James Alexander Imrie of Glasgow, Dr Robert Hunt-Cooke of London and Dr Ralph Donald Summers of London, who all became the first Trustees of the Fund.

The objectives of the Trust Fund were clearly outlined within the Trust Deed and were in the main the advancement of learning in Medical Jurisprudence amongst Registered Medical Practitioners and the public generally by any one or more of the following means:

  • Payment of a prize for the purpose and in accordance with the provisions set out in the deed.
  • Payment of the costs of the preparation of a text book or text books on medical jurisprudence, to be published for sale to the medical profession and/or the public in general, the profits from the sale of which are to be paid into the Trust Fund.
  • Payment of grants to members of The Association to assist them in undertaking original research in the science of Medical Jurisprudence.
  • Payment to support any education or research project for charitable purposes, that the Trustees may determine, in the fields of Forensic Medicine.


Under the auspices of the Association of Police Surgeons, which became the Association of Forensic Physicians, the Trust Fund was administered by three trustees appointed by the Council of the Association:

  • Dr Alistair Irvine
  • Dr Roy Palmer
  • Professor Anthony Busuttil


With the establishment of the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine by the Royal College of Physicians of London, and the winding down of the Association of Forensic Physicians, the funds from the W G Johnston Memorial Trust Fund were transferred to the FFLM in order to establish the W G Johnston Memorial Fund with the same proposed objectives as the original fund.


Prior to the inception of the FFLM, all applications for financial support from the Fund were made directly to the Trustees through Dr Alistair Irvine who acted as lead Trustee, and he continues to co-ordinate and represent the present Administrators appointed by the FFLM Board.

The Administrators remain in this role and applications should be directed initially to the Board via the FFLM Office and then submitted to the Administrators for consideration and decision-making.

As far as applications for the support of research projects are concerned the Administrators are of the view that all such application should be critically scrutinised before being funded in order to encourage and maintain the highest possible standards of research.

As a result, the Administrators of this Fund have made the requirements that:

  • Submissions are submitted at least three months before the project is due to commence.
  • Ethical approval must be sought, when relevant, from the appropriate Medical Ethics Committee and confirmation of this in writing appended to the application.
  • Submissions should be related to projects that can be shown to have some direct relevance to Forensic Physicians or other Practitioners of Forensic and Legal Medicine or which have a direct practical application to them.
  • Methods for the statistical analysis of the results should be included and costed within the project submission.
  • The submission should include a full CV of the applicant[s] with any previous publications and research activities listed in full.
  • The submission itself should commence with a title and an abstract which lists the questions being specifically asked by the proposed study.
  • There should be a detailed description of the manner in which the data will be collected and analysed.
  • It should describe how the proposed project will advance previous research on the subject and it should include all relevant references.
  • Audit projects will be funded exceptionally but only if it can be shown they are meaningful, that other local applications for funding have been unsuccessful and that excessive sums that would deplete the fund are not requested.
  • It should give a full breakdown of how the funding being asked for is going to be used.


Following consideration of all applications, partial funding may be considered.

The Administrators would make decisions and recommendations in respect of the appropriateness and nature of any financial support.

The responsibility for ratifying these decisions has been delegated to the Administrators by the FFLM Board but the Administrators would for information purposes notify the Board of the details and nature of such decisions.

All recommendations for payment from the fund would ultimately be intimated to the FFLM Treasurer who will be responsible for making payment to successful applicants on completion of the project.

David Jenkins Memorial Fund

The David Jenkins Memorial Fund was established as a result of a generous bequest by the late Dr David Jenkins’ widow, Mrs Lucette Jenkins.

The same three Administrators have been appointed by the FFLM Board to administer the David Jenkins Memorial Fund and have two specific roles to play in respect of this;

  • To recommend on an annual basis an appropriate candidate for appointment to the David Jenkins Memorial Chair in Forensic and Legal Medicine.
  • To consider applications from the current holder of the Chair for appropriate financial support or grants relevant to the post.


In respect of the appointment of candidates to the David Jenkins Memorial Chair, the administrators will continue to seek the best and most appropriate person available, who need not necessarily be a Member or Fellow of the FFLM, and make recommendations to the Board for their ratification.

FFLM Fellows, Members, Affiliates, and others are encouraged to make recommendations or proposals in respect of suitable candidates.

The Registrar will inform the successful candidate after ratification by the Board.


The David Jenkins Chair is awarded on an annual basis to a person of eminence.

The award is for one year and there is a precondition that the recipient undertakes some form of research linked to forensic and legal medicine and present that work at the FFLM Annual Conference.

There is a limited amount of potential funding available for the research and use of these funds should be discussed with Dr Irvine.

In addition, it is our normal practice to co-opt the David Jenkins Chair to the FFLM Academic Committee for the ensuing year where reasonable expenses (in keeping with FFLM guidance along with vouching) to attend the meetings will be reimbursed.

The award permits the entitlement of Professor during the year of the award and this is something we would encourage in order to raise awareness of the FFLM.


The accounts of the Trust Funds will be presented annually by the Treasurer of the FFLM and available for comments by the Members and Fellows of the FFLM.