Proforma – Section 4 RTA Assessment (England, NI and Wales)

  • 29/07/2019
  • Categories: Pro forma, Forensic Practitioner

This form has been designed by Prof Ian Wall and updated by Dr Margaret Stark on behalf of the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine (FFLM) for use by Healthcare Professionals who have been trained to the quality standards of drug driving competencies as defined by the FFLM.

The form is provided to assist HCPs in determining whether a person has a condition, which may be due to drink or drugs. It is very important to try and establish the type of drug that has been used and whether this drug is prescribed (statutory medical defence). There is no requirement to establish impairment but if competent the HCP may provide an opinion.

The form is to be regarded as an aide-mémoire and it is therefore not necessary for all parts of the form to be completed. Some details are included so as to aid possible subsequent assessment of fitness for detention in custody. Where a test is abandoned the reason should be recorded in Additional particulars at 7. On completion this form is the property of the examining HCP. It is not appropriate for a section 4 RTA assessment to be video recorded.

Section 4 RTA Assessment