Study Days and Courses

FFLM Course in General Forensic Medicine

The FFLM Course in General Forensic Medicine accredited by Teesside University will be run on the following dates:

  • Monday 14 to Friday 18 February 2022;
  • Monday 11 to Friday 15 July 2022;
  • Monday 17 to Friday 21 October 2022.

The course is aimed at newly-appointed or prospective forensic physicians, nurses and paramedics.

Students undertaking the training will be automatically enrolled for the University Certificate in Postgraduate Professional Development (UCPPD) in General Forensic Medicine and can study for this University Certificate whilst undertaking duties within the working environment.

Due to the COVID pandemic, we have altered the way we deliver the course. There is one day of face to face teaching (on the Monday) and the rest of the course is delivered remotely. The face to face training will take place in London at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine.

The course covers the following five modules:

  • Module 1: Role of the Healthcare Professional (HCP) working in a multidisciplinary team; Personal safety and conflict resolution; Consent, confidentiality and ethics; Safeguarding.
  • Module 2: Fitness to detain, transfer and record-keeping; Fitness to interview and charge; Administering medication; Assessment of mental health and fitness to release.
  • Module 3: Traffic medicine – procedures under the Road Traffic Acts; Substance use disorders; forensic science and sampling.
  • Module 4: Documentation, interpretation and management of injuries; Management of alleged restraint injuries; HCP at the scene of death; Death in custody and the Independent Investigation of Deaths in Custody.
  • Module 5: Statement writing; The Court system.

The course is assessed in two areas:

  • Court Room Presentation undertaken during the taught element of the course on the Friday;
  • Reflective case study (2000 word essay to be submitted four weeks after the course).

For more details and to book your place, please click here.

FFLM Virtual Courtroom Skills Course

Forensic clinicians are frequently asked to provide witness statements following the assessment of a detainee or a complainant. These statements detail the clinical findings, as recorded in the contemporaneous clinical records, and use language that can be understood by lay people.

Our new half-day course will give clinicians the opportunity to practice writing a statement relevant to their practice and being examined / cross-examined in a virtual courtroom setting.

The course dates for 2021 are TBC.

You can take a look at our course FAQs here.

Conducted Energy Device HCP Assessment Training Courses

In line with the recent NPCC circular we are keen to hear from clinicians and providers regarding demand for the training course.

The circular by NPCC advises that where a nurse or paramedic (who does not have an ACP qualification equivalent to the RCEM credentialing scheme) is to assess individuals post CED discharge they must have undergone:

Induction training in General Forensic Medicine via a course following the FFLM syllabus and standards for this induction training


A bespoke CED course approved by the FFLM and supported by the NPCC

It should be noted that there is no requirement for providers to change to using nurses or paramedics. Where they are already compliant with national requirements for post-CED assessment no costs or additional training need to be incurred.

The additional training (which will initially be provided by the FFLM) is only necessary where providers wish to expand their current post-CED assessment to include nurses and paramedics.

Courses will (in line with our not-for-profit and charitable status) aim to be delivered at cost. In order to aid minimising costs in delivering this course we would appreciate both providers and forces ascertaining if there are police facilities available in their areas for groups of 20 candidates to receive the training course with appropriate social distancing.

Please note that all attendees on these courses must have attended induction training in General Forensic Medicine via a course following the FFLM syllabus and standards for this induction training.

Course fees are:

1-10 Candidates £1400

With additional places being £140 per candidate.

Train the trainer courses will follow the initial rollout (likely in Spring 2022).

The syllabus is available here.

The course ties in with work undertaken by a joint working group including NPCC, RCN, College of Paramedics UKAFNP & RCEM to update the current FFLM guidance and will refer practitioners to the tools and guidance produced by this working group at our CED Hub

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