LFFLM (SOM) Frequently Asked Questions

What has happened to the DFCASA?

The DFCASA is now called Licentiate of the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine – Sexual Offences Medicine, LFFLM (SOM). This change took place on 01 January 2016.

When did the DFCASA, now called LFFLM (SOM), transfer from the The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries to the FFLM?

On 01 March 2014.

I have already completed some parts of the DFCASA. So what happens to my previous results?

The same regulations will be applied by the FFLM as were with the Society of Apothecaries and your marks etc. have been transferred to us. The FFLM will make sure that any future change in the regulations does not disadvantage any candidate.

 Are any grants available?

The first 60 first-time entrants to the LFFLM (SOM) Part 2 OSCE from the time of inception of the DFCASA will continue to be supported with a grant of £300 so that the cost to them of the OSCE element of the examination is only £300. So get your applications in quickly! Please note that this is for the first attempt only.

 Will the DFCASA entitle me to Licentiate membership of the FFLM?

Yes. It will allow doctors and other healthcare professionals who are in good standing with their regulatory body to apply for Licentiate status. They will then have voting rights and be entitled to use the postnominal LFFLM.

Candidates who have already passed the Part 1 DFCASA examination will still be awarded DFCASA – or LFFLM (SOM), it is their choice – and will continue to be able to apply for Licentiateship of the FFLM, as per current regulations. Likewise, new candidates will also be eligible to apply for Licentiateship.

There is a further change, this time to the requirements of the Case Portfolio: the DFCASA regulations (Appendix 1 Paragraph 17) required the production of a Case Portfolio of either 10 anonymised case reports for the DFCASA (a) and the DFCASA (c), or 13 anonymised case reports for the DFCASA. This option is now only available to candidates who have passed the Part 1 examination, and whose result is still valid.

The new LFFLM (SOM) regulations require the production of a Case Portfolio of eight topics, of which five must be on core forensic subjects and three of your own choice. Candidates who hold a valid Part 1 DFCASA can choose which type of Case Portfolio they want to submit but should inform us of their intention as soon as possible.