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World Forensic Festival

The World Forensic Festival is being held in Seoul, South Korea October 13 - 18 2014. The Festival brings together a number of organisations, bodies and associations and will be a fantastic opportunity to see new ideas, new research and new developments in forensic sciences. The World Police Medical Officers (WPMO) will hold a special session devoted to clinical forensic medicine. If you have research you wish to present, or lectures on subjects that you wish to present - submit your abstract to the WWF. There is generally a substantial number of forensic practitioners from all backgrounds at these meetings and it is a great way to meet international colleagues. Assorted members of the FFLM will be presenting work, chairing sessions or attending the meeting - why not be one of them? Dr Jason Payne-James is President of the World Police Medical Officers. Further information can be found at hwff2014korea.org/ and specific information on WPMO at wff2014korea.org/info/about.php#WPMO2014. How to submit an abstract for consideration for presentation can be found at wff2014korea.org/abstract/index.php.