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West of Scotland Child Protection MCN Conference

"How would your life be?" - The Abuse of Infants Must these infants die? Child protection is such a crucial and sensitive subject, and the abuse of infants particularly so. Infants are particularly vulnerable, and are statistically more at risk than other children. Children under 1 have the highest registration rate (of 71 per 10,000 in that age group) and are four times more likely to be killed than the average person(Home Office 2004). The incidence of abuse in this group is over 1:1000. 7% of these will die from the abuse. A further third of those abused will go on to suffer further abuse when returned home with the same carers. (statistics taken from RCPCH Child Protection Reader, May 2007) How do we prevent infant abuse and deaths? The Conference This all day event centres on the abuse of infants under one year old, particularly focusing on physical violence and deaths. It will include thermal injury, complex fractures, bruising, head injury and other topics. The day will be comprised of plenary lectures and collaborative learning forums, and is open to a National multidisciplinary audience (open to medics, nurses, midwives, health visitors, allied health professionals, GPs, education, police, crown office, reporters, social work, forensics, etc). The Evidence Base will be emphasised and presented on the day, as well as lessons from Serious Case Reviews. Download Programme West of Scotland Child Protection Network jennifer.bruce@ggc.scot.nhs.uk Tel: 0141 201 0068