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RSM Meeting: Addiction

Addiction to Class A drugs is not going to go away. The problems appear to be becoming more complex, or at least we are coming to a more sophisticated understanding of how many different parts of the problem interact. Practitioners in this area need to use increasingly complex models of the multidimensional nature of their patients’ problems. Furthermore there are many new developments within the field. The aim of the meeting is to examine current trends in Class A drug abuse in the UK, to improve multidisciplinary working and to improve treatment available to patient groups. Objectives: Have a clear understanding of current trends in Class A drug use in the UK. Develop their understanding of the ways that deprivation, other mental health problems, physical illness and prison experience need to be tackled together. Build on their knowledge of therapeutic possibilities. Have a chance to debate key issues with colleagues from other disciplines. To improve harm minimisation strategies for both users and their families. Who should attend: This meeting will be of value to: Psychiatrists, GPs, prison doctors, forensic medical examiners, social workers, specialist nurses and all other practitioners working with Class A drug users. For full programme details and online booking please visit the RSM website. Please send enquiries to regions@rsm.ac.uk or call 020 7290 2965.