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RCOG: Forensic Gynaecology

Over the past two decades there has been a transformation in our understanding of the notion of rape. Research has helped to reveal the alarming frequency of sexual coercion in women's lives and the various guises in which rape occurs. Current legal reforms have changed the way rape is defined and treated in law. The aim of the meeting is to raise awareness about the role rape plays in women's physical and mental health, to discuss management of the rape victim with the aim of promoting a high standard of care and a structured approach to the responsibilities of those undertaking rape examinations. It is felt that training in these issues is important and so a training day covering only the basic issues has been arranged on day two. Victims of rape become heavy users of the health service and need a great deal of time to help. Better understanding of how to manage rape victims from their first contacts with the health service enables us to produce long-term aims and objectives. This course is recognised for the theoretical component of the ‘Forensic Gynaecology’ Advanced Training Skills Module (ATSM). This course is valid for three years, and must be completed prior to completion of the practical component of the ATSMs. For further details and to book your place, RCOG website.