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Introductory Course in Clinical Forensic Medicine

This course is accredited by the University of Teesside as a University Certificate of Post Graduate Professional Development. Aim To provide a practical base upon which to build the additional skills needed to fulfil the role of Forensic Physician and improve knowledge levels in the field of clinical forensic medicine. Objectives By the time participants complete the course they will: Understand the role of the Forensic Physician, particularly in relation to sexual and violent assault, alcohol and drug related offences. Be able to prepare and present evidence at court. Who should attend? Newly appointed or prospective Forensic Physicians and Nurses working in this field. Course content includes: Consent & Confidentiality, Classification of Injuries, Drink/ Drugs driving, Fitness to detain/interview. Substance misuse, Mental Health, Deaths in Custody, Doctor at the Scene of Death, Sexual offences, Child abuse and Protection, PACE and the Custody Officer, Forensic sampling. Training content is regularly updated from the Faculty of Forensic Medicine and NPIA. Students will personally experience a court room scenario with solicitors from the Crown Prosecution Service. Training is provided by expert Forensic Physicians, NPIA Forensic lecturers, and the Crown Prosecution Service. Contemporary course notes, handouts and reading list will be provided. Cost of course includes accommodation, full board and tuition. It is essential that students attend every part of the course. We endeavour to source the best skills in the field as tutors and quality accommodation for this important area of training. Your room will be available from the Sunday evening. Each course starts 0900hrs prompt Monday morning and finishes lunchtime Friday. September and December Courses: Inclusive cost For bookings and enquiries Contact NPIA: Tel: +44 (0)1388 744000 Email: forensiccentre@npia.pnn.police.uk www.npia.police.uk/en/1523.htm