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Forensic Anthropology Society Europe:Advanced course in forensic anthropologyTri annual FASE meeting

Advanced course in forensic anthropology on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th ADVANCED COURSE IN FORENSIC ANTHROPOLOGY METHODS FOR BONE TRAUMA ANALYSIS (2 days) PRELIMINARY PROGRAM TOPICS : • Forensic bone management (recovery, removal, bone processing, • reconstruction) Biomechanics and the bone, • Blunt trauma and Ballistic trauma, • Ante, peri and post-mortem trauma, • Cases to resolve. TEACHING STAFF : Main speaker STEVE SYMES (USA) and OTHERS (to be completed) Please note: Limited number of students Tri annual FASE meeting On Friday 26th Oral presentations of FORENSIC ANTRHOPOLOGY papers (bones, odontology, DNA, radiology, mass disasters….) and invited speakers. Deadline for abstracts submission: August 1st, 2008 - Call for Paper - see link to the right of this page. One page abstract with authors names and positions must be sent to e-baccino@chu-montpellier.fr