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First Ballistics and Wound Ballistics International Congress

Following the five ballistics and wound ballistics conferences held since 2008 in Marseille and Lyon (communications on the site www.eswb-sebl.org site), the 2014 conference will take for the first time an international character. Organized jointly by the National Institute of Scientific Police (INPS) and Euroballistics ®, with the support of the European Company of Lesional Ballistics (SEBL), it will be held on June 16th and 17th, 2014, in the suburb of Lyon, on the site of the School of Health of the Armies of Bron. Being the centenary of the beginning of World War I, the themes discussed will involve weapons and wounds, comparing yesteryear to present day equivalents. The themes developed this year are: Historical review and respective injury powers of Firearms and ammunitions from First World War to nowadays Technical ballistics (physical and mathematical behaviour of weapons and ammunitions, types of ammunitions, categories of weapons, protective measures) Intermediate ballistics (studies of clothes, distance of shooting, rebounds and detours, position of the victims and the authors during the facts) The forensic lesional ballistics (crime scene, external examination of the victims, performs an autopsy, ballistics intracorporelle, osseous ballistics, shootings technical on the gelatin, the studies on simulants computing). The diversity of subjects, multiple professional origins of participants and speakers, as well as international approaches, guarantee a wealth of exchanges which we shall be happy to share with you. You can submit your abstracts (in French or English) for oral or displayed communication: Call for Abstracts The deadline for submitting abstracts is 31-03-2014. The two official languages for this Congress will be English and French. Oral communications will be downloadable at the beginning of each presentation. Visit the Congress page for more information.