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FFLM Drink and Drug Driving Training Day

Provisional Outline of the Day We will be starting with a look at the legislation surrounding drink and drug drive and potential changes to legislation and working practices as a result of the North Report. We will then get a police perspective into how they deal with drink and drug drive (the procedure), preliminary FIT, the requirement for the FP/FNP/Paramedic and expectations from the police. There will then be 2 workshop sessions. Delegates will attend both workshops, swapping over after the first workshop session. Each workshop will have an initial overview via powerpoint. The workshops will be interactive dealing with case scenarios focusing on common challenges faced by the FP/FNP/Paramedic. The drug drive workshop will also concentrate on teaching FIT/Sobriety testing. Delegates will pair off and have the opportunity to practise this whilst been supervised. Finally, it will end as most cases end, where most FP/FNP/Paramedic’s concerns lie, with addressing court room pitfalls. We are aiming to get the day flowing as an actual case progression. Speakers Dr Vis Reddy, Clinical Lead, Cheshire, Avon and Somerset Professor Ian Wall, Visiting Professor, Teesside University PC Robbie Burns, National Drug Drive Instructor Trainer Dr Janet Young, Clinical Lead, South Wales Dr Will Anderson, Lead FME, West Berkshire Dr Frank Voeten, Forensic Physician Gavin Trotter, Lead Scientist, Toxicology Dr Vicky Evans, FFLM Academic Dean and President-Elect