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FFLM Appraiser Training Course

This course is now full - if you'd like to be added to a reserve list, please send us an email. Over the last several months, the Revalidation Committee has been undertaking a piece of work on appraisals and details of core competencies for each of the three disciplines within our Faculty can be accessed here. In addition, the relevant documentation for appraisals and multi source feedback will soon be completed. Some months ago, a survey of our membership was undertaken and this indicated that there was considerable interest in colleagues becoming an appraiser and also utilising a faculty supported appraisal service. The latter is also being developed and in preparation for all of this, the first faculty appraiser training course will be held on Monday, 13 July 2009. This has been developed in conjunction with East Midlands Healthcare Workforce Deanery, who were selected because they: have run successful and popular new appraiser and update appraisal training courses for GPs for a number of years and over the past year have expanded this year to include appraiser training for other professionals. have been involved in developing national appraiser training packages, setting quality standards for the outcomes of the appraisal process and reviewing the Quality Assurance processes for appraisal in East Midlands PCTs. represent excellent value for money. Places will be allocated on a first come/first served basis on completion of the application form below. Dependent on demand, further courses will be arranged in the future. Yours sincerely Dr Ian F Wall President Application Form Course Outline